Extinguished Anxiety


Maestra shows me how it’s done, while I capture it on video.

I met with Rina yesterday to show her my solea por buleria in progress. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was! It’s been nearly a couple years since I’ve had to prepare a full-length solo and I’ve had some anxiety over it.

But working with Rina always puts my mind at ease. She’s so great at helping me iron out the wrinkles in certain moves and transitions, and reassuring me that with some more studio time, I’ll be fine. She also helped me nail down my footwork, plus she gave me some fun new moves to add to my choreography. Not to mention the girl/artist talk that I’ve come to look forward to with her and all my compañeras. I left feeling energized, inspired.

September 20 is coming up fast and I know what I have to do. Time to hit the studio!