Hello, Bata!

My first bata.

Tonight I crashed the tientos class for a couple of reasons: First, I missed one of my Saturday classes and I needed to do a make up, and second (and more importantly), I wanted to show Rina my new … (*drumroll*)… bata!

Oh, the bata. Bata de cola, that is. The long-trained, many-ruffled skirt that requires a unique skills set and a different kind of courage. Do it right (like Rina!) and it’s gorgeous. Do it wrong and, well, not so much.  I’ve yet to have a bata experience, but Rina’s going to offer a class in the fall and I wanted to be prepared.

My bata arrived in the mail today. When I pulled it out of the box, the first thing I thought was, “OMG … it’s so long!!” Uh, duh, it’s a bata. Then I thought, “OMG… this is fantastic!” And it is quite lovely, really; this great black beauty. Very dramatic. I immediately took off my sundress and slipped it on. Then I proceeded to dance, in bra and bata, around my small apartment living room. I don’t know the proper bata technique, but I kicked the train around best I could. I knocked a few knick-knacks off a low shelf …

It looked pretty and fit well, but its weight didn’t overwhelm me, which was a concern. I had a feeling Rina would say it was too light — and she did. Bummer. But she did say it was beautifully made, and I agree. And I think it will be ok for my initial bata training. If, somewhere down the road, I need to take it in for a little cosmetic surgery — a bata augmentation, if you will — that’s ok. I’m just happy I have something to work with in the meantime. I’m so eager to get started in bata class!

But the arrival of the bata has also motivated me. I have my ups and downs in terms of my health and fitness; sometimes I’m very health conscious, and sometimes I can’t get enough french fries. Today I felt like crap. I was so tired and everything on my body just hurt. My back was killing me, I had pain in my hips and I felt so run down. Like I’m all inflamed on the inside. It’s times like this when I realize I need to take better care of myself. Eat better. Sleep more than four hours a night. (Stop blogging about flamenco into the wee hours of the morning!) Get strong for my health and for the dance.

Yes, I need to get healthier. Thanks, bata, for reminding me.


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