Looking back to go forward

Hey, long time no see! (I know, I know.)

I’m going through my blog trying to figure out what’s next for me here. In doing so, I’m reminded of where I’ve been.

This video was taken in 2010. I remember years ago feeling super cringey watching footage of myself (and I do still feel that way), but watching this particular video 12 years later gives me a new appreciation for that young(er) lady preparing for her first solo after only a year and a half of classes. She’s not bad for a newbie!

Although I can tell you I wasn’t totally aware of where a llamada ended and a letra began, and don’t even get me started on the concept of “one for nothing.” I got one in the performance and didn’t wait to start my choreography and it threw off the whole thing. It took me a while to learn that lesson.

Anyway, enjoy the throwback and thanks for being part of my ongoing flamenco journey.