A welcome smack in the face

Yesterday after siguiriyas class, Homegirl and I finally had a chance to have a postmortem about the shows last month. Our talk led to a more philosophical discussion about who we are as dancers and as people, and one thing she said hit me so hard that I’m pretty sure my face turned red.

I won’t say exactly what she said because I’m not ready to give away that much about myself. But I will say that she was absolutely spot-on in her observation and I’m glad she said it. It didn’t upset me, it just woke me up.

The lesson learned is, you can re-evaluate and re-imagine your life and say you’re going to do things differently, but if you aren’t (or refuse to be) aware of a major flaw or weakness in your personality or approach, you’re doomed to run in circles instead of sprinting to the top. Sometimes you need to get out of your own head and listen to third-party perspective, especially from folks who know you, get you and sincerely want to see you rise.

Thanks, Homegirl.