La Entrada

A few months ago, I watched the movie “Julie & Julia” in which Amy Adams’ character sets out to prepare all the recipes in chef Julia Child’s cookbook and maintains a blog throughout her experience. Cute movie! I enjoyed it, but didn’t give it much more thought…

Not long after, my brother (and quite possibly my biggest fan) watched the movie and was inspired to inspire me to start my own blog about my experiences with my own hobby/undertaking: flamenco dancing. At first, I laughed. Because, first of all, who cares what I have to say?! I’m no one, my everyday life isn’t particularly interesting, and I don’t have exciting tales to tell. And, because the best blogs are those that are completely honest and the thought of opening myself up to the scrutiny of anyone and everyone on the internet is just scary.

But the more we talked about it that one day over an early burrito dinner at Rubio’s, the more I warmed up to the idea. I guess it was because we got carried away in a “Julie & Julia” fantasy scenario in which I write this blog, gain a cult following, become a successful dancer and sell my story to a major movie studio. Who would play me? Anne Hathaway.

While I might not make it to the big screen, I still like the idea of chronicling my journey from flamenco beginner to flamenco not-so-beginner to flamenco whatever-I-may-become.  But whatever. I won’t take this too seriously. The flamenco thing is just a hobby, anyway, right? Or … is it?

Maybe not.


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