Sick Day

A massive headache and nausea are keeping me from classes tonight, including my beloved bulerias, the dance that both thrills me and kills me. I hate that I’m missing out, but strenuous exercise coupled with the boom of stomping feet just seems unimaginable. Instead, I’m at home on the couch, snuggled up with my iPad, sharing my thoughts with you. Because if you can’t dance, you can still write about dancing.

I don’t like missing class. I feel guilty. I feel like a slacker. And I feel like I could be missing out on that one little golden piece of instruction that stirs magic between my brain and feet and transforms me into a flamenco goddess. Hey, it could happen.

So to calm my OCFD tendencies (see earlier post for explanation of this affliction), I will practice intellectually tonight. I’ll watch the video of my solo performance, repeatedly, note three things I need to work on and maybe think about minor tweaks to the choreography. Yes, this is good. I’ve been meaning to spend time on this.

Then — and because I do this a lot anyway — I’ll turn to YouTube for inspiration. A search of “solea por buleria baile” should provide enough viewing material until bedtime.

My head still hurts, but I’m feeling much better now that I have a plan. So please excuse me while I pop in this DVD and curl up with my blankie — I’ve got some practicing to do.

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