New shoes!

My latest reason for having an empty wallet.
After a year and a half of wearing the same beige Gallardos, I finally got two new pairs of shoes. It’s so exciting! One pair is shiny black with sexy criss-cross straps, while the other is a red, off-kilter mary jane. They really are beautiful.

Buying flamenco shoes is no easy task. In fact, it’s quite stressful. First, there are so many Spanish brands from which to choose. When you’re a beginner, you depend on what you hear from your teacher and compañeras to help you find the right shoe. Then, you’ve got to choose a style. The basic mary jane? A t-strap? One that ties? And what kind of heel? A classic? A curved? How high? And what color? Because they’re custom made, you can choose just about any color in the rainbow. But the most difficult part is making sure you order the correct size. Screw up on this detail and you’re stuck with a $200 pair of shoes you waited months for but can’t use.

I’ve been very lucky both times I ordered shoes. My first go around, I ordered Gallardos because I’d heard they were the best and all the cool kids were ordering them. Plus they were on sale for 25% off and I loves a deal. I was a wreck when I ordered these things. I must have measured my paws a dozen times before I clicked the “submit order” button. And when they showed up two months later, those butter-soft, skin-toned, t-strapped works of art fit perfectly and I was ready to rock.

This time around I couldn’t decide between black and red, so I got both. I mean, heck, I AM married to the dance, so it’s only right that I have an adequate selection of footwear, no? But I wouldn’t have ordered two pairs if the price wasn’t right because after a couple of years of lessons and buying skirts, dresses, castanets, a mantón and the like, I am one broke flamenca. This time I did more extensive research on shoemakers; I searched the web, talked to friends, and looked at many different styles and considered what would look best on these sturdy, pasty gams. Then I came across a sale on Don Flamencos that I couldn’t resist.

new shoes My new shoes feel a little less hearty than my Gallardos, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. They feel lighter and they feel very narrow, so they hug my feet a bit better than my old shoes. I also love the style and shape. I haven’t spent enough time dancing in them yet, but so far I’m very pleased with my purchase. What do you think?

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