Creative/Crazy Talk

After Saturday, I will have spent eight hours in the studio this week. Add that to the post-midnight mini dance sessions in my living room and the llamadas I sneak in at work when no one is looking. Today my co-worker called me out on tapping out footwork while seated at my desk. A while later my boss caught me in a flamenco stance. Is it weird that I wasn’t at all embarrassed?

Showtime is coming up soon and I need all the practice I can get, anywhere I can get it.

But my little bursts of energy aren’t limited to the dance. I’ve got chorale music to practice, too, and lately I have spent a lot of time drawing. I think the more involved you get with artistic projects, the more creative you become. It’s like all these thoughts, ideas and emotions start bubbling up inside and you have to get them out through various outlets or else you get restless and a little nutty. I’m pretty sure this is why I have such a hard time sleeping.

I joke about becoming a crazy, reclusive, tortured artist, but I’m starting to think I should stop saying that or it just might happen. No, I’m kidding. While I have continued to devote more and more time to my little projects, it doesn’t make me want to withdraw from the rest of the world. On the contrary, it’s all made me so much more content and open. I’ve needed this for a long time.


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