Fiesta dog and the mutant calf

Since I had some time to kill tonight before my independent study session at 8, Pop and I went to Sully’s for dinner. Mmmm, bar food. I chose the bacon-wrapped hot dog, complete with cheese, onions, peppers, ketchup and mustard. Deep-fried won tons on the side. Appropriate pre-flamenco fuel? For me, yes.

But I’m thinking maybe I need to lay off the crap for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I do eat lots of good things. But, I also have my fair share of burgers, fries and other fatty fatties. Tonight I felt like a clump of ¬†hardened grease in the bottom of a tin can. I had the hardest time lifting my feet and I was sweating like la diabla. Not a good feeling.

To top it off, while doing footwork, I stopped watching my jiggling haunches long enough to look down and realize my right calf is way bigger than the left. What?! How did this happen? I’ve never noticed this before and I’m constantly looking at legs in the mirror when I rehearse. Am I just having a fat-right-leg day? Or do I need to do something to even out these stems? And if so, what? Do I work out the right leg more to try to burn off fat, or do I work the left leg more to build up the muscle? Help! Guess I’m wearing pants to work tomorrow …

Regardless, I’m going to do a little fatty detox over the next couple of weeks, for a couple of reasons: 1. I’m hoping some clean-burning fuel will help rev up my performance and 2. I’m going to Hawaii in two weeks and I’d like to keep the bikini bloat to a minimum.

Ugh, it’s gonna be a rough couple of weeks.


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