Wrong-Way Turn

Tonight was our final regular solea class before we go into show rehearsals next week. And I learned something unfortunate after running through the group choreography a few times: I’ve been doing this one turn completely wrong for the last three months.

How did this happen?! How did I not notice and I how did I get away with it all this time? I guess it goes by quickly so it’s not super noticeable. But it became evident when Homegirl questioned herself on the step; she’s next to me and my wrong-way turn had her thinking she was the one at fault. Sorry ’bout that, Homegirl.

So all this time I thought my solea muscle memory was set and I was ready for show time. Now, not so much. Ugh, I hate that feeling!

It reality, it’s not that big of a deal. After uncovering my mistake, I was able to do the turn correctly when we did the dance immediately after that. A few more run-throughs and my muscles will be reset. I guess it’s a good lesson in being a capable, flexible performer who’s ready for anything.

I felt off all day today so I guess this mini setback caught me off guard and caused a mini freakout. I’ll be ok. Just let me run through it a few more times before bed …


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