Extra Rehearsals and the Inadvertent Butt Lift

Performing alegrias for my classmates.

Ok, this might be oversharing, but I swear my butt is at least two inches higher than it was a month ago. I guess all the extra practice and kicking that bata around has done a mini miracle on my trunk. Yesss!

Anyway. Last night we got to run through our solos with the musicians. I’m feeling much better about things now! Was I perfect? Not at all. In fact, I screwed up some very simple steps because I was nervous and I kept speeding up. But I was able to keep going and have FUN. I had SO much fun!

My teacher falls over laughing at my booty-shake move while the musicians watch in the mirror.



Working with musicians is always a treat. Last night they helped me identify rough spots in my dance and tonight I was able to smooth those out a little bit on my own. I’m feeling good.

And if I’m not perfect this weekend, I’ll still be ok. I love performing and I’m going to enjoy the whole experience no matter what.


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