Putting The Pieces Together

I spent an hour in the studio today to practice my solo for our student show in September and I’m feeling good! I feel strong and I’m starting to see how the events of the last few months have brought me to this good place.

When Rina announced there would be a show in September, I got nervous. I had pretty much taken off more than a month after my adventure in Albuquerque and I feared it would take me a while to get my body reconditioned. But yesterday in my first classes of this session — a two-hour tientos and bulerias fest — I felt great! The rush of endorphins had me so happy and pumped that I could have danced another two hours. I woke up sore, but that’s to be expected and it didn’t hinder my private rehearsal this morning. I’m back.

That seven-day ass kicking I got in Albuquerque changed me. Of the 10 pounds I lost there, I’ve surprisingly gained back only three, but I had been trying to watch what I eat while taking some time off from dancing. I feel great but give me a couple of weeks and I’ll be back down three to five pounds and feeling even better. My rapid June weight loss, while not ideal, reminded me that I’m a small-boned girl who truly feels better around 125, give or take a pound or two. Yep, that’s my fighting weight. It’s weird how much more stable and balanced I feel on my feet. Who knew a few pounds could make such a difference?

My next solo is a solea and while this scares me a little bit, I feel ready for it. I’ve danced it with a group a couple times and I love this palo. It’s so pretty, emotional. And did I mention it’s the same one I’m learning on guitar? It’s like the solea stars have aligned to allow me to be immersed in this rhythm, experiencing it as both dancer and musician. How perfect is that? I’m going to learn so much. I’m grateful.

Just when I think things might be falling to pieces, the pieces start falling into place. I love when that happens.

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