A Girl of Many Masks

God knows I’ve got enough on my plate between work, 87 hobbies, and a handful of personal head/heartaches with which to deal, but none of those has been my priority this week. Why? Because Halloween is upon us and mama loves her some Halloween.

Dressing up is fun. Dressing up as someone else is even more fun. Because it’s not just about makeup and costumes for this admitted sufferer of Walter Mitty Syndrome. For me this holiday is more about theatrics and escapism than ghouls and goblins. It’s just fun. And I am a performer, after all.

That said, I am lagging on a costume. Festivities are on Saturday and I’ve got nothing but raw ideas. It was the same way last year, but I managed to put something pretty decent together at the last minute with some creativity and a glue gun. Hoping for a repeat this time around. Just need to decide who I want to be for the night. What kind of mask would I like to wear this year?

The challenge for me, which really isn’t unique to this holiday, is removing the figurative masks I wear every day long enough to actually focus on myself. You know, the masks of flamenco dancer, guitar student, chorister, employee, friend, daughter, sister, etc. that keep me busy. Not to mention the “I’m-upset/hurt/disappointed/frustrated/irritated-etc.-about-something-but-not-gonna-show-it” mask that weighs heavy on my face and really makes my skin itch some days. That’s not unique to me, I know, but it makes me realize that sometimes I put up with way more than I should.

Geez, this was supposed to be a fun post! I guess Halloween isn’t the only thing on my mind … but enough of that. I’ve got shopping to do.


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