The Next Adventure

Ay Dios, has it really been more than a month since I’ve posted?! Ugh, I’ve been a bad girl. But I’m back, enrolled in a full load of classes with Rina, ready to whip myself back into fighting shape. We’ve got a show in September, but before that I’ve got to prepare for my next adventure: Albuquerque for Flamenco Festival 26!

I’m doing things differently this time, though. Unlike last year, I am NOT taking 87 classes. I’m not even taking any advanced classes. No, I learned. While I felt fine in Olga Pericet’s bata class because it was mostly about the dress, each morning I woke up nervous about Pastora Galvan’s class because it was very challenging for me and because I was a little afraid of her. And I considered myself lucky to be in that class because I had heard horror stories about her other advanced class. And boy, were those horror stories spot on. The last day of workshops, we were allowed to sit in on any class and I sat in on that one. Good God, that class was fast. Crazy fast. A long choreography and insane footwork that I with my four years of experience NEVER would have grasped. I guess it all depends on the group of students. If you’re in a group with dancers who are just beginning advanced classes, you’re cool. If you’re in a group with truly advanced dancers who are performing regularly and already teaching, you’re screwed. That was the case with Pastora’s other class. All of those advanced dancers were pros. Had I ended up in that class, I literally would have cried my eyes out.

Not taking that chance this time around because I might not be so lucky. I’m taking two intermediate dance classes and cante. Two fewer classes than last year. This way I can retain more of what I learn and maybe have a little time to rest. If you kept up with my daily festival updates last year, you’ll recall that I was exhausted, starving, and completely swollen from the knees down. I was a mess. Happy, but a mess. I came home skinny and injured, and I cannot do that to myself this year.

But perhaps my main reason for taking it somewhat easy is that I’m bringing a partner in flamenco crime: my little brother! And he ain’t just coming as my support system or as a spectator, either. Details on his own little adventure to come. But we want to make this trip as much about New Mexico as flamenco — soak up the culture, see the sites, and just have quality brother/sister fun time. If you know me well, you know that he’s pretty much my best friend so I’m really excited to share this experience with him.

Are you going to Albuquerque? I’m looking forward seeing some familiar faces!

2 thoughts on “The Next Adventure

  1. I’m so excited for you! I wish I could go to the festival this year. I’ve been there for the past three years and, boy, I relate to your “pain” and experience. I’m sure your strategy will ensure a more joyful experience and better learning of the material. Enjoy the shows and the city.


    1. Hi Melba — thanks!! So you know the joy & pain of Albuquerque, too, huh?! Haha! It really was a great time, but it would have been better if I’d planned it better AND if my body hadn’t betrayed me the way it did. Live and learn, I guess. Sorry I won’t see you there, but wow, good for you for going three years in a row! I’ll be blogging from there daily 🙂




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