Reflection, Rhythm and Paco

Today the Facebook feeds of flamencos around the world are blowing up, as we awoke to the news that the great Paco de Lucía had left us.

So of course I’ve been listening to his music, watching his videos on YouTube, and reflecting on the experience of seeing him perform in Los Angeles a couple of years ago, an experience for which I am extremely thankful. (Read my post-Paco blog here). That performance sure stirred up a lot of emotion in me that night and I’m feeling a stirring of things again now …

I’ve been a flighty flamenca. Or it would appear so, anyway. I’m not in dance class as much as I used to be, and I’ve ducked out of guitar lessons altogether. Notice I didn’t say I QUIT guitar. I’ll never quit guitar. I love the music too much and I truly do want to learn; Paco reminded me of that today.

But alas, there are only so many hours in a day, days in a week, and dollars in my purse. I can’t do everything. I tried a year or so ago, and I just couldn’t make it all work. But you know what? I’m OK with that.

In January Rina challenged us to come up with a word that would serve as inspiration and a theme of 2014 (read her post here). I chose RHYTHM to symbolize being in compás, but also to represent an ideal everyday-life groove that keeps me moving and getting things done at a steady pace. Not a fast pace … just a steady, comfortable, continuous beat … beat … beat …

So I remind myself that’s what I’m doing in flamenco. I can’t be in dance class three times a week right now, but I AM going. I can’t take guitar lessons right now, but I COULD pick up my instrument now and then and practice what I know. Slow progress is still progress, right? I don’t have to feel like I’ve fallen behind just because I’ve had to slow my roll. I’m still doing what I love and moving forward.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one who’s suffered the occasional bout of artistic guilt; I’d love get others’ takes on this. Or maybe you’d like to talk about your own Paco experience … Either way, between the news and all the music I’ve listened to today, I’m in the mood for sharing.


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