Those B!tches are in ‘Burque without Me

Oh, c’mon … I say that with love. Sort of.

Another year that I am at home while my friends are at the big flamenco festival in Albuquerque — Why, God, WHY?!?!?!? No, I’m kidding. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t make it but I REALLY wanted to go. So did my brother and partner-in-crime from the last trip. He was a flamenco dance virgin before our visit year before last, but jumped into a beginner’s boot camp for fun and ended up loving it — not to mention all of the good friends, amazing shows, great food, etc. ‘Burque as to offer. But oh well, I have some other priorities and he’s got a new job, so it just wasn’t an option this year. But I can’t complain. I’m grateful to have made it there twice and am confident I’ll (WE’LL!) return in the coming years.

I don’t know, it might have even been too much for me to handle right now, anyway. It’s been a weird couple of months. After Juan’s show, I went back to being a regular person, a non-flamenca, and spending more time on other things, which, honestly, was kind of nice. I thought about dancing, but just couldn’t muster the strength. I finally got around to unpacking a few of the boxes still left from my move in December. I finally hung some pictures on the walls of my new home. I had more time for my man, my family, and my couch. I slept in on Saturdays and Sundays. It was amazing.

Still, the nagging little gypsy inside of me wouldn’t entirely shut up. I knew I had to go back … I knew I wanted to go back. And you know what? I went back!

Saturday I went to Rina’s class for the first time in nearly nine months. NINE MONTHS! Sure, I had logged many great dance hours with Juan and crew during my time away, but I still can’t believe I stayed away from my original tribe for that long. I had been away so long that I was kind of nervous about returning: Would it be the same? Would my friends be there? Would there be new faces, a new dynamic? Turns out it would be all of the above. I was greeted by a shocked and happy teacher, many hugs, and the smiling faces of new friends.

The happy red face of a girl who just went to dance class for the first time in nine months (and who is proudly wearing a Golden State Warriors shirt -- Go, Warriors!)
The happy red face of a girl who just went to dance class for the first time in nine months (and who is proudly wearing a Golden State Warriors shirt — Go, Warriors!)

The class is a multi-level technique class and Rina was working in solea — my favorite palo. It was a nice way for me to get back into my groove. I love technique classes because I can focus more on what body is doing rather than remembering choreography, and that’s important. I need this. Because it all comes down to technique, I think. You can learn all the fast footwork and fancy choreo you want, but if your technique is lacking, you’re not going to look great doing it.

So while I’m not in ‘Burque, I’m back in the game at home and couldn’t be happier.

Are you at the festival? Let me know! I’d love to hear about all the wonderful things I’m missing out on — really, I would 🙂


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