Top 10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Flamenco

10.  Your once-perfectly pedicured feet now resemble the scrappy paws of some unidentified feral beast, complete with calluses, budding bunions and missing talons.

9.   Your friends and family are nearly outnumbered by fellow flamencophiles on your Facebook friends list.

8.   Eighty-percent of the items in your Google search history are things like “flamenco dresses” and “solea por buleria video.”

7.   You’ve been caught unconsciously playing palmas while listening to your iPod.

6.   You’ve been caught wailing or tirititran-ing while driving with the windows down.

5.   “Master bulerias” is ahead of “find a husband” on your list of goals.

4.   Your insomnia is exacerbated by the obsessive need to mentally rehearse your choreography over and over and over …

3.   You can’t step onto a wood floor without doing a rolling golpe.

2.   You pay your dance teacher before you pay your phone bill — and sometimes the rent.

1.   You’re up at all hours of the night blogging about flamenco.

OCFD: Obsessive-Compulsive Flamenca Disorder

I remember reading somewhere, perhaps someone else’s blog, that flamenco dancers are the craziest people out there. Why? Because you have to be completely neurotic and obsessive, not to mention super passionate, to stick with it. Me? Crazy?? Well, maybe. Continue reading “OCFD: Obsessive-Compulsive Flamenca Disorder”

La Llamada

This blogging thing is new to me — which is why I’m not yet in the habit of writing regularly…

Ok, so where was I? Oh yes … I guess I should tell you a little more about me. Continue reading “La Llamada”