Do a little dance, find a bigger voice

Can you find me in this picture?

After taking eight months off from singing with the chorale to focus on the dance, I thought it would take me awhile to clear the cobwebs from my throat, be able squeak out some sounds and manage to hold a note. But last night at rehearsal, it dawned on me that singing was just a little easier than I remember. I already knew that having a music background helps in my learning the dance, but could it also be that the dance has helped improve my vocal technique?

I remember I used to come home from chorale practices exhausted and headachy, like someone had squeezed all the air out of me to a sad tune. Gone are my days of feeling and sounding like a deflating bagpipe. Last night I wasn’t looking ahead in my music to find the long notes and figure out where I could sneak in a few breaths to be able to make it to the end. No, one breath was all I needed. I left rehearsal feeling strong and energized, like I could have sung another three hours. And it makes sense: If your body is in better shape and your stamina is increased, of course you’ll have a stronger core and increased lung capacity, which make singing with the choir all that much easier.

Don’t you love when all the little random pieces of your life seem to come together?


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