The hardest working ladies in show business

Last night, todas las flamencas ran through the entire program for Saturday and Sunday’s (sold out!) shows. It was a successful rehearsal and it was pretty cool to see it all come together after our months of hard work. And when it wasn’t my turn and I could watch the other dancers from the sidelines, it was clear that all of these lovely ladies take this as seriously as I do. This is why I love flamenco.

I have a few critiques about my own performance last night and I feel like if I write about it, it’ll somehow help me get my thoughts straight so I can do better in the actual shows. But I’ll keep this fairly short and sweet because I’ve got an awful hot/cold pain radiating through my lower back/upper butt area makes it terribly uncomfortable to sit at my computer. Here’s what I need to do:

1. Focus, but not too hard. I know the choreography and I’m fairly comfortable with compás, so why am I freaking out during a run-through? I’m psyching myself out for no good reason and my footwork is suffering as a result. Just do the dang dance, M, just like you do in class. Just let go and let the moves come.

2. Loosen up. I need to be strong without being hard, if that makes any sense. Like, I need to move with clear intention, yet with grace, rather than like some kind of non-elegant, heavy-hoofed buffalo. That’s what happens when I tense up — I lose the pretty angles. Gotta keep those muscles loose.

3. Breathe! Seriously. There were a few moments when I realized I wasn’t. And you know what’s not sexy? Passing out in the middle of a buleria and hitting the floor with a thud. Yeah, kind of a party killer, so I’ve got to remember to breathe in order to avoid becoming just a pile of ruffles on the floor.

So those are the things I’m thinking about tonight. I’m nervous, anxious, exhausted, excited, optimistic … so many feelings. But I’m sure my compañeras are feeling the same way, especially those who might be out there for the first time. But I guess those feelings are normal when you’ve worked so hard and you want so badly to do well.

Anyway, pray for me/us. And if you’ve got a ticket, I’m looking forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the show!

Now back to my heating pad.

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