Countdown to show time

At this time last year, I was sick. SICK. Worried, overly nervous, nauseated, shaking. I was preparing to do a flamenco solo for the very first time. I was scared out of my mind.

A year later, with a couple of solo performances under my belt, I’m ready to go on that same stage I took last year to do my dance once again in another student show. But it’s gonna be different this time. I’d like to think my technique has improved a bit, but more than that, I no longer feel the SHEER TERROR I once felt while anticipating a lone soleá por bulería.

Sure, I’m nervous. There will be butterflies. There will still be the, “Don’t mess up! Don’t mess up!” going through my head. But I’ve done this twice before, and I’ve had plenty of time to practice since December, so I’m certain it’ll be more fun.

Or so I say now … No, just kidding. I’m looking forward to this because I feel way more confident than I did a year ago. I’ve learned something each time I’ve done this (even when I’ve completely screwed up), and I’m looking forward to what I’ll come away with this go around. What light bulb will go off in my mind this time? What little naggy little thing I’ve struggled with will finally click?

I can’t wait to find out.

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