Wounded bird and the lost toenail

Oh, how I suffer for the dance.
This morning, Homegirl and I got together for one last run-through of our solos and the group guajira. I can’t say it was one of my best rehearsals. I was tired, sluggish and feeling a little bloated, cranky and off balance. I guess part of it was it was 10 a.m. on a Sunday and I am SO not a morning person.

Now let’s talk about the injuries. No new ones today, but I’ve been suffering a sore shoulder since Friday. I must have thrown it out during Thursday night’s practice, but didn’t realize it till the next morning when I was sitting at my desk and the shooting pains began and then it started spasming. I whined in my office for a good 20 minutes before I asked a co-worker to dig into it deep-tissue style, then I had her go solicit muscle relaxers on my behalf. It’s been a rough weekend. I can’t say it feels much better today, but it doesn’t feel worse so I guess that’s good. It kinda feels sore, hot and out of joint. I think it’s time for another dose of Advil.

And then there’s my big toe. I guess the extra time practicing my escobilla did a number on my poor toenail, which has rammed into the tip of my shoe a few too many times. The bruised, cracked nail began slowly splitting from its host a few weeks ago and I did my best to salvage it. But all the filing, buffing and polishing with nail strengthener couldn’t save it. This morning it finally started really pulling away from the skin. It’s still attached, but barely. It’s only a matter of days before I lose it completely. This bums me out for two reasons: 1) It’s gross. Who wants to look at a nub? And 2) it’s summer and most of my shoes are open toe!

So here I am: a sad, tired bird with an injured wing and one absent claw. See how I suffer for the dance? (Hence, the photo. Thanks, Homegirl, for being there to capture the moment.)

Now if I can only channel this pain and frustration into a good performance …

One thought on “Wounded bird and the lost toenail

  1. Oh, yes, bad rehearsal always = good performance.

    And I sympathize with the toenail — I lost 2 big toenails at the same time when I was training in Amsterdam!




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