Commence Flamencafication

Today is Aug. 1, which means it’s the first day of my 30-day challenge. I’ve created a Project Diary page where I’ll document my daily activity, thoughts, frustrations, bits of insanity, progress, setbacks, etc. throughout the month. TMI? For sure. I certainly don’t expect you to read that. But if you’re curious (nosy) and want to find out what I ate for breakfast, see which toenail I’ve busted now, and other such nonsense, it’ll all be there and updated daily.

“Dude, what’s up with the 30-day thing?” some of you have asked. Well, as I’ve said before, I want to push myself hard through the end of 2011 and I figured the best way to get started was to put myself into a boot camp frame of mind. And by telling you all about it and writing about it here, I’m forced to stick to it because you, dear friends/readers, will surely call me out on my shit if I don’t stick to the plan.

And I’m curious to see what I can accomplish if I really put my mind to it, you know? If I improve my diet and increase my exercise, will I feel a difference in stamina in a matter of weeks? Will I have some kind of major flamenco breakthrough in the next 30 days if I’m practicing my ass off? These are the things I’m dying to know.

I’m off to class …


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