Commence Flamencafication

Today is Aug. 1, which means it’s the first day of my 30-day challenge. I’ve created a Project Diary page where I’ll document my daily activity, thoughts, frustrations, bits of insanity, progress, setbacks, etc. throughout the month. TMI? For sure. I certainly don’t expect you to read that. But if you’re curious (nosy) and want to find out what I ate for breakfast, see which toenail I’ve busted now, and other such nonsense, it’ll all be there and updated daily.

“Dude, what’s up with the 30-day thing?” some of you have asked. Well, as I’ve said before, I want to push myself hard through the end of 2011 and I figured the best way to get started was to put myself into a boot camp frame of mind. And by telling you all about it and writing about it here, I’m forced to stick to it because you, dear friends/readers, will surely call me out on my shit if I don’t stick to the plan.

And I’m curious to see what I can accomplish if I really put my mind to it, you know? If I improve my diet and increase my exercise, will I feel a difference in stamina in a matter of weeks? Will I have some kind of major flamenco breakthrough in the next 30 days if I’m practicing my ass off? These are the things I’m dying to know.

I’m off to class …

Finally, a break from the mess

Dear Readers (all five of you),
I am so sorry I haven’t written. I know you want to know how my solea por buleria is coming along and I’m sure you’ve been concerned about my battle with the manton (i.e. the blankie of death). You’re wondering if I’ve had any bulerias breakthroughs. And I can only imagine how badly you’re dying to hear about my costume selections. Sorry I’ve been holding out on you. You’ve missed me .. Or at least I’ve missed you…

I have been busy the last few weeks. Dance classes, gathering costume components for both Halloween and flamenco, and helping family with family things. Last Saturday was spent in a seven-hour chorale rehearsal. Sunday was spent celebrating Halloween and superheroes at Comic Con. Monday chorale. Tuesday I bailed on Homegirl and our practice date to stand in line for hours to attend a taping of Dancing With The Stars (fun!). Wednesday, a welcome break with much-needed couch time. Thursday dance class. To top off the hectic week, work was less than pleasant on many levels (can we say office rage?). Tonight I’ve got to deal with the pile of filth that’s continued to grow in my apartment during all of this madness or else risk being the next featured basket case on Hoarders.

But I wanted to ignore the mess in my apartment and in my head for a moment and just say hello and let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. So much has been on my mind, about the dance and many other things. I really do have lots to write about. I promise I’ll write more this weekend and we’ll get all caught up, k?


Something else to get wrapped up in

Someday I hope to have more grace than this guy. ©Disney

My right wing is killing me.

Saturday I had my first experience with the mantón, or the large shawl worn or wielded by dancers. Such a lovely, elegant prop when handled by the right flamenca. In this beginner’s hands, not so much. Continue reading “Something else to get wrapped up in”