Challenge Update: The Good, the Bad and the Sweaty

Day of 12 of my challenge and I’m just now starting to find my groove. It’s been tough and I don’t think I went about this the right way. I tried to do too much too soon and it’s affected my game plan.

Vowing to exercise and practice more sounded feasible enough, but I shot myself in the foot by changing my diet the way I did. Quitting french fries and the office candy drawer cold turkey made my energy levels dive for the first 10 days or so. I was irritable and unmotivated and just couldn’t find the strength to do much extra in terms of activity. The good news is I feel MUCH better and I don’t even want to eat those things. I’ve seen a reduction of body puff, and my thighs jiggle less than they did a couple of weeks ago. It seems I’ve lost a solid two pounds.

I’ve learned that drinking crack-strength coffee a couple of hours before dancing is a terrible idea. I did this last night and instead of giving me energy, it just made me sick. I felt jittery all through class and was sweating more than usual. So when Homegirl, also butt-tired and sweaty, suggested going out for shave ice, I said “YES!” Man, we booked it out of that studio so fast, you’d have thought flamencas could fly. I went for a lime/mango/Hawaiian Punch treat and the moment I took the first spoonful, I felt I’d never had anything so good. The steam rose from my pores and my core temperature went back to a safe level. All was right in my gypsy temple again and I was content. And what could be better than a refreshing reward and mini-gab session with my Homegirl?

Tomorrow begins a better phase of the challenge, I think. Class on Saturday, private studio time on Sunday and I’ll start all over again next week with classes on Monday. Yes. I’m on a roll now.

2 thoughts on “Challenge Update: The Good, the Bad and the Sweaty

  1. sweetie. go to target and buy a ton of champion sports bras. they’re soft, they’re wireless, and they soak up the sweat. that will solve 90 percent of your problem. you’re lucky. your face doesn’t go super red as much as mine. 15 minutes into dance my face looks like a goddamn apple.


    1. Ha ha! You’re so right about the bras, e. I have one or two, but I never think to put one in my bag. I really should. As for the apple face … The same thing used to happen to me when I first started dancing. I remember ladies in class would see me and ask, “Are you ok??” Yes, it was embarrassing. I don’t get that at all anymore. I guess my body is used to all the pounding and shaking it takes and just doesn’t react anymore.



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