Video: Was That Right?

Yesterday I spent an hour in the studio reviewing some tidbits, including a bit of footwork we learned in class on Saturday. A few words about this video:

1. That white thing on my butt is a feather from one of my bed pillows. How the hell it got there, I don’t know. I didn’t realize it was there until I looked at this video — how embarrassing. I had a group of lookie-loos standing outside that window for awhile — um, yeah, thanks for making me nervous, people — and I’m sure they saw it. Oh, and speaking of making me nervous, at one point, one lady actually busted in on me and said, “Oh! Are you doing flamenco?! I used to do flamenco when I was a little girl! Let me watch — go ahead!” Wha?! Who DOES that?! Ugh. Luckily she ran out a couple minutes later when she realized she was late for her Zumba class. Next time, lady, I won’t be so polite.

2. I realize it’s not very pretty, but I was just trying to remember the steps and rhythm. Good God, I’m heavy footed. But I’m working on that.

3. I do talk to myself when I rehearse alone. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m saying things aloud. Again, embarrassing. Oh well, that’s just my method; it helps to talk myself through things. At the end of the video I’m asking the camera, “Was that right?” As if it would know.


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