Video: My First Flamenco

Digging through my external hard drive, I came across this video from 2009: my very first flamenco show. It was spring and I had been studying flamenco for about six months. As I recall, it took me for-EVER to learn this dance and I was incredibly nervous to perform it. And there I was, front and center.

This makes me cringe and smile at the same time. My technique is super amateur and my long crazy arms and their claws are all over the place. (I still struggle with that).  I also didn’t have a proper dress yet, so I wore a fluffy practice skirt and a random shawl. And I certainly didn’t own a pair of Gallardos back then.

After that wobbly performance and working with musicians for the first time, I remember feeling like something clicked. It’s like, I kind of “got” what it was I was supposed to be doing and I found I quite loved being out there in front of everyone. I knew I wanted to keep taking classes, and more of them.

I smile because no matter how far I have to go (and I have FAR to go!), I can see how far I’ve come. It’s such a good feeling.

Sorry for the quality. This was shot on my old crappy camera in poor lighting.

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