On This Day in Personal History …

“You can re-evaluate and re-imagine your life and say you’re going to do things differently, but if you aren’t (or refuse to be) aware of a major flaw or weakness in your personality or approach, you’re doomed to run in circles instead of sprinting to the top.”

Who’s the author of those wise words? That would be me, on this very day last year (read that post here).

What a golden moment that was for me, the moment of this realization. For whatever reason, I thought of this today. I couldn’t believe it when I searched this site looking for the post and found I had written it exactly one year ago. Trip, huh?! Coincidence? I think not.

I made some strides in 2011, but I did continue to do a few extra laps around that same tired track, even after that little epiphany. Bad habits aren’t easily broken, you know.

A fresh year brings renewed hope that this flawed flamenca can get it together and leave the self-defeating habits/thoughts behind. Today I’m thankful for the reminder. And I will. I must!


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