Broke-down Dancer

I had such high hopes for 2012 but the first two weeks haven’t been all that great for me. I’ve been ill with a beast of a cold/cough for a week and a half now. And to make matters worse, I’ve managed to injure my neck by way of sleeping the wrong way or, I kid you not, coughing or sneezing it out of whack. I’ve got x-rays to prove it.

I’m pretty bummed out for many reasons. First, I obviously feel like crap. The cold is beginning to subside, but the nasty smokers cough lingers, making me undesirable company. (It’s no fun when friends and family ask you to get lost because you’re gross.) Second, the excruciating neck pain that forced this desperate flamenca to the ER yesterday is keeping me from participating in my beloved dance. Doctor’s orders. Last night, pumped full of naproxen, flexeril and self-pity, I took my broken-down bod to solea class, where I propped myself on the floor in the corner and watched my classmates practice while I only mentally rehearsed with them. I felt so lame.

Why even go, you ask? Because we’ve got a show in March and I’ve got to keep up if I want to perform. Mental rehearsal is better than no rehearsal at all. I don’t want to fall behind. That would only stress me out more.

Tomorrow is bata class and I dread having to go as a spectator. If I feel better in the morning, I might just choose to participate. We’ll see. Then again, I don’t want to injure myself further and risk having to take a longer dance hiatus.

When I’m back to my old self, I’m going to have a lot of hard work ahead of me to make up for nearly a month off from dancing. I’m hoping this little setback is just something that makes me stronger.


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