My 100th-Post Party!

Can you believe this is the hundredth time I’ve written about being Married to the Dance? When I first started this little blog two years ago, I honestly didn’t think I could keep it going. I thought, “How on earth could I possibly keep coming up with new things to say about flamenco?” Now it seems I can’t shut up.

In honor of this special occasion, let’s look back at a few milestones in my flamenco career …

Perhaps the thing I’m most proud of is that I’ve changed a lot since beginning back in September 2008, both mentally and physically. All my training and hours of practice have made me feel much more confident, as I’ve learned that I can set and reach goals. It’s given me a real sense of accomplishment, probably even more than going to college and grad school ever did. (Don’t listen to that last part, kids. Stay in school!)

Physically, I feel so much stronger. And, quite frankly, I look a little better, too. Check it out: The first shot is from late 2008. Um, hi there, Puffy. This next photo in the green dress is after a year of dancing, and maybe a loss of 8 lbs. In the third shot, taken a year after that, I’m down probably another 8-10 lbs. No more puffy face! (You can click photos to enlarge.)







But the real rewards come in actually seeing myself dance better over the years. I know I always complain about not progressing as fast as I’d like to, but then I look back on things like this, taken at least two years ago. I remember this step not being easy for me at the time:

And then I compare that to where I am now. I’ve gotten a little bit better, no?:

Something else that makes me happy? Knowing you take the time to keep up with me here and offer your cheers, support, advice and even your laughs at my absurdity. It makes this whole experience that much more fun. Thank you.

Here’s to the next 100 posts! ¡Olé!


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