I Have Angels

My sporadic whiny episodes — like the one I was experiencing last time I posted — never last long. Within a few days I’m back to my goofy, happy self,  feeling like a total ass for ever complaining.

What gets me is how people always show up with help when I’m bummed out. I swear I have angels. I must, because every time I feel dejected, or put my frustrations in writing, or maybe even cry just a tiny little bit when no one’s watching, folks tend to come out of nowhere and say something to boost my confidence. Sometimes it’s so random and unexpected, it’s as if the bearer of the message can see what’s going on inside my cluttered head; like they know the exact thing to say to reboot my joy drive. 

And so I’m back, renewed and ready to get to work once again. I’m inspired to try some new things in the months ahead, in the dance and otherwise; take a risk, maybe have an adventure or two.  More on that soon …

And now I can rest. Goodnight, angels.


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