Festival Day 1: Rafael Campallo is Sexy

Oh .. mah … gahd. I cannot wipe the smile off my face. But I typically get dopey and smiley in the presence of hot guys. I can’t help it.

My wild first festival day came to a gloriously satisfying end with a fantastic show courtesy of Adela y Rafael Campallo and company. Adela was beautiful and fierce, and I do admire her style. But Rafael … damn! Not only can he dance, but he does so with a lot of hip action and an air of, “You find me sexy, no?” Muy, muy dreamy. Very charming. Seriously, my tired, heavy eyes were wide when he was doing his thang and I could not stop grinning. Sigh.

But on to business. I’m too tired and have entirely too many thoughts about the day, but here’s the short version:

1. Pastora Galvan’s class is hard for me. I expected that, but I had a moment of WTF-was-I-smoking-when-I-signed-up-for-this when I was trying to grasp the footwork. That said, I do actually remember some of it and I will continue with the workshop.

2. Intermediate technique class with Marisol Encinias is great but waaaaay crowded.

3. I’m so glad I’m taking a beginner castanets class. Eva Encinias Sandoval is a very good teacher and really knows her clackers.

4. I can actually keep up in Olga Pericet’s bata class! I credit Rina for this (thank you, maestra!) Also, Olga is cute as can be, and it was a thrill to be taught some of the cutie-pie moves I’ve only seen her do on YouTube.

5. Surprise of the day: Cante was my favorite workshop! Vicente Griego is a cool, funny dude and I dig his style of teaching. Plus I love flamenco music so much and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to explore this part of it and learn to sing a little myself.

But overall, I’m freaking tired. I haven’t slept since Friday and that was only four hours. I look like hell. Oh, and I realized today that I didn’t leave enough room in my schedule for meals. I’ve barely eaten in the last two days. Just drinking tons of water and savoring the occasional scrap of food if I have time. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight already.

But did I mention I love it all? Because I do.

2 thoughts on “Festival Day 1: Rafael Campallo is Sexy

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