Festival Day 2: I’m Inspired!

Tonight’s show was Alfonso Losa and company. Wow, he was technically … wow. He’s got fantastic feet and the most beautiful turns I’ve ever seen a man do. But my favorite part of the show was Vanesa Coloma’s alegrias.

Loca had me cracking up. No, really. I don’t think I’ve ever LOL’d at a flamenco show but Vanesa’s performance made me giggle to tears. She was goofy and playful, both with the musicians and the audience. It was hands down the best alegrias I’ve ever seen and it was such a gift to have seen it live. It inspired me, especially after having done an alegrias in our last student show.

As for workshops today: I felt sick before heading off to class — to Pastora’s class in particular — and that feeling intensified when Pastora herself got into the same morning shuttle to campus. “Hola!” I said, as she climbed into the van, and she greeted me in return. Meanwhile, in my head I’m thinking, “Oh, hey, remember me? Red-faced, confused, polka-dot skirt girl in your 10:15? The one who struggled with the warm-up and hid in the back of the room? Yeah, well, I’m afraid of you.”

But when I got to class, something weird happened: After a brief review, I was able to do the choreography from yesterday. Was it pretty? Not really, but the steps were all there. I felt so bad ass! Could it be that I can actually hang in this class? I think I will be ok after all, and I’m now thankful for that WTF-was-I-smoking-when-I-signed-up-for-this moment that got me here.

I felt great about all my classes. My technique class was moved to a larger room which made it a much better experience. Ooh, that class is a workout! I’m getting a lot out of the castanets class and Eva is so encouraging. It was another good day in bata class and I even got up the nerve to approach Olga with my broken Spanish and tell her my teacher is a fan and would she please take a photo with me, to which she very kindly agreed with a smile. And cante, well, I just have too much fun there. What better way to end a grueling day than by joining a circle of friends in song?

I wish every day were like this. I’m having so much fun. And I feel like I’m with my people.

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