Festival Day 4: Call Me Puffy

As I write this post, I’m lying in bed with my legs propped up on three pillows, feet resting on the headboard. The swelling is out of control. It’s not cute.

Today I ditched the technique workshop because my legs and feet had been so swollen, and the continuous drills we do there are hard on the paws. I thought I was being responsible my cutting an hour off my dance day; I thought it would do me good to rest. I was feeling pretty good, too, until I was sitting in the theatre tonight watching the Yjastros show (great show!), and I could feel the straps on my wedge heels getting tighter…

I was shocked when I got home and saw what was going on down there. I had puffy, pregnant feet! Within minutes I had filled our trashcan with ice and submerged myself, one dog at a time. Ahhhhhhh. Between that and getting them elevated, my feet are looking a little better, but I can still see puff pockets around my ankles and calves. This sucks.

I’d love to write more about the day but I need to get to sleep. I’ve slept very little since I’ve been here and that can’t be helping my fat-feet situation. I just need to rest.

Did I mention I’m still loving every second of being here? Well, I am.

I imagine tomorrow I’ll have tons to share: Pastora’s show is tomorrow night. I can’t wait!

One thought on “Festival Day 4: Call Me Puffy

  1. Marissa! Rest was an excellent call — severely swollen feet/ankles could be a symptom of altitude sickness. Super seriously important steps: 1. keep very, very, very well hydrated — you should feel like you are over drinking water; 2. Sleep. Nap between classes. Sleep in tomorrow morning. Whatever it takes. However, do not take any medications to help you sleep. Just breathe deeply and relax. Exhaustion will magnify your body’s reaction to altitude. 3. Take breaks. You can always sit and watch the class.
    If anything gets any worse, get yourself to either UNM ER immediately north of campus or Presbyterian ER immediately south of campus. Don’t be afraid, and don’t be afraid to let Marisol or Eva know (they will probably remember me by my maiden name, Corinne “Coco” Burnham, from when I was teaching at UNM – Taos, if you happen to mention me, but no biggie, I’m more concerned that you stay healthy).
    OK, just be careful. I’m gonna fb message you my cell number.
    And of course, enjoy!



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