Festival Day 5: I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Girl

It’s pretty much official that I dropped out of the technique workshop, but something had to give. With all the pain and swelling, it was critical that I eliminate some of the stress on my body. That workshop, with the constant footwork drills and traveling across the room, was harder on my feet than Pastora’s advanced class.

I feel a little guilty; like I’m a juvenile delinquent ditching school or something, but that’s just how it goes. I didn’t want to risk really hurting myself and having to drop everything. I think I have the right to be bad given all I’ve gone through here.

Speaking of bad girls, Pastora’s show was tonight … FUN!! See, I tend to like my flamenco dirty. The dirtier, the better. Hmmmm, I wonder what that says about me … And I wonder how Pastora would react if I told her I enjoyed her dirty dancing … (No, I’m not going to mention that to her on the shuttle tomorrow). I’ve always been fond of her style because it’s sassy, a little rough, and full of booty action. I can relate to that. Anywhere I can incorporate booty action in my dancing (or just life in general, for that matter) I’m all over it. Pastora’s style is beautiful, of course, but girlfriend gets down, too, and I so dig that. Any girl who can kick off her slippers mid-performance and cut a rug is bad ass in my book. I’m so glad I took her workshop!

Since we’re on the subject of bad girls, tonight I did something I said I wouldn’t: I bought shoes! Beautiful, glorious shoes. I’ll tell you more about those later, but I will tell you I can’t stop looking at them and they’re lying next to me on the bed. Hey, sometimes a girl doesn’t want to sleep alone.

And now I’m ending this post before it gets any worse. Clearly the Albuquerque heat is getting to me.


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