Festival Day 6: Rafael Campallo is Still Sexy

Yes, that’s right, I said it again: Homeboy is one sexy flamenco.

Just got back from Fiesta Flamenca, one of two gala performances that showcase the festival’s featured performers. My Rafael was last to dance. Ay, que cute. I swear if you could watch me watch him, you’d see little cartoon hearts shooting from my eyes. I’ve seen him around Carlisle Gym all week and it took every ounce of restraint to keep myself from pouncing on him, or at least saying something very embarrassing. So I just admired him from afar. Sigh.

Show was stellar. Pastora, Olga, Alfonso, Adela and Rafael, and Yjastros (the local company) were all fantastic, but in very different ways. Friends have asked me, “Aren’t you tired of seeing flamenco every night??” Uh, NO! Not possible. No two performers are the same. And it’s interesting to talk with friends post-show to hear everyone’s favorite. Everyone has a fave dancer whose energy somehow speaks to them more than the others. It’s very personal.

Suddenly I feel reality setting in: This was the last show I’ll see here because I’m leaving tomorrow. I took some last photos with my new friends and I’m packing my things tonight. I’m bummed. I don’t want it to be over.

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