Video: Soleá Sundays

When I first started doing these private practices, I was pretty undisciplined. I’d waste time fixing my hair, messing with the iPod or worrying about the lookie-loos watching me through the window. But I’ve come to look forward to my alone time in the studio and have become much more efficient in the way I use my time. And if people want to sit and watch me trip over my feet for an hour, so be it. A girl’s gotta practice.

This past Sunday I walked through my soleá, focusing on the footwork section of the dance because I can’t do this at home in my kitchen without my neighbors pounding on the wall. God, if only I had a soundproof space to work in at home, I think I’d be much further along in this. Someday. This is just a snippet of a 15-minute video, but watching it I’m reminded I need to a) pay attention to compás, even if it’s in my own head and b)work on performing full on for the mirror, rather than just doing steps for the sake of muscle memorization. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my next video, August Guitar Progress … God help me.

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