Death by Tientos

It’s almost showtime! Saturday we worked the heck out of our group tientos — so much so, that I hit the floor after more than an hour of running through it several times (thanks, Henrietta, for capturing this priceless moment on film).

I was feeling pretty good that day aside from some lingering sniffles and some surprise leg cramps, and I tried my best to rehearse as if I were really performing rather than simply going through the motions. I find I have more energy if I trick myself into believing there are people watching. Plus it just makes practice more fun when you concoct a scenario in your head in which you’re getting your bad-ass flamenca ‘tude on in front of a live audience of thousands. There’s my Walter Mitty Syndrome kicking in again …

The show is on Sunday and I’m in a good place, I think. I feel good about the tientos. The siguiriyas is a bit more of a beast because of the rhythm but I love that palo so much that I can’t wait to tear into it. My solo? I feel weirdly fine about it. I expected moderate to serious basketcasedness at this point in the game, but I’m not experiencing that at all. If anything the group dances are a little more stressful because you’ve got to stay in sync with your friends whereas solos allow for improvisation if you trip up a bit.

So, no, tientos did not really kill me nor did it leave me feeling doomed. The sweaty, stinky woman you see sprawled out on the floor has collapsed because she has just joyfully exerted all of her energy in rehearsal and feels relieved, accomplished and confident. Everything is going to be OK.

I only wish I felt as good about my guitar lesson tomorrow. ¬†Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to be able to do everything, it’s nearly impossible. Certain things get done at the expense of others. But that’s another post …

Anyway, wish us luck. Hope to see you Sunday!
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