Video: November Guitar Progress

The holiday season is keeping me from classes, but it hasn’t kept me from practicing. I try to get in a few steps, a few strums, anywhere I can.

The great thing about guitar is that I can practice on my couch in my jammies at 1 a.m. I try to get in an hour or more a day on my instrument, but lord knows I need way more. Still, there are only so many hours in a day so I do what I can.  Here’s what I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks. It’s part of an alegrias silencio; I haven’t gotten all the way through it yet. You have no idea how long it takes me to get this much somewhat down:

Fingers crossed I can finish and fix this a bit before my next lesson. This isn’t easy for me, but it really is a labor of love.

5 thoughts on “Video: November Guitar Progress

  1. Keep going!!! This is going to be really nice when you’ve got it all smoothed out — and I’d love to do an alegrias with you on guitar when the whole thing is ready. No rush, but something to shoot for.


    1. Well, I’d absolutely love to, but at the pace I’m going it might be another 10 years! 😉 But how wonderful that would be … I’m going to keep at it and keep you posted. I say I don’t want to be a guitarist but my teacher says he used to say the same thing. One never knows, I guess!



  2. Hi Marissa…don’t know if you’ll remember me, Lina, we meet at the Flamenco festival in Albequerque this year. I was there with a fellow flamenca, Sarah, from Sac/Davis. Well, I was rehashing with some friends all the stuff I’ve experienced this year and people I meet and as I talked about my flamenco adventures I remembered you kept a blog…after a few failed attempts i finally found it. Wow, on top of dancing, singing and now playing the guitar you are a flamenco triple threat! Anyways, I’m just sending you a shout out…happy holidays! ole!


    1. Lina!
      Of course I remember you! I especially remember how blissfully excited you were to buy shoes! 🙂 You and Sarah were probably the folks I got to know best — I soooo enjoyed hanging out with you!
      Yep, I took up guitar the week before I came to Albuquerque. At that point I wasn’t sure if I’d stick with it because it is soooo haaaaard. It’s a super slow process for me. But I love it and am sticking with it. Triple threat?! Ha ha! I wish! But maybe some day 🙂
      I was just telling a friend that I hope to go to the next festival. Are you??

      Great to hear from you!


      1. Let me start this off by saying your guitar playing sounds really good!

        LOL! We remember you too! I remember being in awe of the like 20 something odd classes you took at the festival! As for next year, ABQ 2013 here I come! Or at least that is the plan. I hope to go. Sarah may not be going though. She’s going next year to the 2nd week of the Festival de Jerez!! Color me green with envy! She said I should go with them to drink from the source, and I’m uber tempted! I’d have to figure out how to put my kidney on the blackmarket first. Actually, the prices Sarah quoted me aren’t as bad as I thought. She’s splitting a room with someone, so she’s paying about $250. So if I can’t go next year, then maybe the following year. Its on the bucket list though. A flamenca can dream…XO back at ya!!



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