Off to a Slow Start in 2013

… but at least I’ve started! I’m a bit ashamed I haven’t written since 12.12.12, and even more ashamed I hadn’t danced or played guitar for more than two months. But as of last week I’m back in my Gallardos with guitar in hand.

My first few dance classes since my return have been rough, or at least wobbly. Compás? What’s that?! Ooh, I am rusty. I was off balance and felt as if my feet were completely independent of my brain. I think part of it was pure nerves, though. I was actually scared to go back to class for fear of looking totally clueless. It’s amazing how fast you can lose your groove after a hiatus; I had a harder time than usual grasping choreography.

Well, that does it. I’ll never take time off again, never, ever, ever.

My attempt at guitar was even more pathetic than my attempt at bata. Talk about uncoordinated. I may as well have tried to play that thing with my feet because it couldn’t have sounded any worse. I forgot half the stuff I had learned and my fingers had lost all muscle memory. But I spent a good hour-and-a-half with Walter last Friday reviewing previously learned material, and that really helped get me back on track and restore a bit of my confidence. I’m going to place realistic expectations on myself with my instrument — meaning I’ll commit to practicing 10-15 minutes a day and not an hour. I kept that up for about a month and I did see tremendous progress, but given my schedule, an hour a day just isn’t feasible. And that’s ok. As long as I stick with it and make slow but steady progress, I’m good.

On the other hand, I’m NOT ok with slow, steady progress in dance. For one, I need to get back in shape and back to the level I was before the injury and long break. Then I need to kick it up a few gears; get my ass in class every chance I get and get to the studio for private time. Come September I’ll be celebrating my 5-year mark and I want to feel like I’ve made it to the next level. I NEED to feel that.

I know I can do it. This is my year, people!



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