On 39

I have never had a bad birthday; there are far too many people in the world who love me for that to ever happen. That’s one thing about which I’m not too shy to brag. But I typically get a little misty on my special day because I’m overwhelmed by feelings of “I’m so happy everyone loves me!” mixed with a “Oh God, I’m another year older and I’m not where I want to be yet!”

This year, though, it’s different. I feel very … content.

Things have been going well in 2013. I’m back in dance & guitar classes after a long break, and life in general has been good. Being happy leaves little time to think about what might not be perfect or worry about what might go wrong. Could I be finally, at 39, outgrowing my tendency toward doom?

Might be too early to say, but for now, bring on the last of my 30-something adventures because I’m ready to rock.


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