Albuquerque bound: Let’s get to packin’!

In just a few days I will head off on my second Albuquerque adventure!

Good grief, I have a lot to do. I swore I wouldn’t leave packing till the last minute, but it seems that’ll be the case. I’m trying to wrap up projects at work and take care of some personal things in the next couple of days, and at this point it seems certain I’ll be doing late-night laundry night before I leave. Damn. I hate that.

One thing I was able to cross off the to-do list on Saturday: My brother Nick and I picked up his custom-made flamenco boots! They’re lovely. As soon as he slipped one on in the store, his eyes grew wide and he said, “They fit PERFECTLY!!” I’m so glad we did this. If anyone starting out is looking for quality footwear, I highly recommend Duran’s Shoes.

June 2012: I had no idea what I was in for.
June 2012: I had no idea what I was in for.

Ok, so about packing: Having gone last year and experienced what I did with the heat and swelling and all, I was able to change my game plan a bit this time and pack lighter/smarter:

1. See ya, sucka (I mean, bata)! My “big girl” isn’t coming with me this time so that’s one less bag to carry. Loved my bata class last year, but I did not enjoy dragging it around to my 87 classes, putting it on my tired, sweaty body, and trying hard to kick it up with my swollen-ass legs. Nope, sitting that class out this time.

2. Only dance shoes that fit, please. I’m taking my stretched-out, beat-up beige Gallardos and the too-big Begoñas. I know my feet will be swollen as soon as I get off the plane and barefoot flamenco isn’t an option here.

3. Only regular shoes that fit, please. Upper-foot puff steadily rising like fresh pan through the straps of my cute high wedges was not, well, cute. I made the mistake of removing them during a show and could barely get them back on. No bueno. Leaving those bad boys at home and taking an assortment of non-sexy/totally sensible flat, roomy sandals this time. I’m keeping it real, yo.

4. Cover. Them. Trunks. I know my legs will be the same size from thigh to ankle, so it’s safe to say I’ll be leaving the miniskirts at home this time and rockin’ the maxidress/muumuu look instead.

I feel like there should be a number 5 here, but I don’t have one. This just about covers it. If I stick to these guidelines, I think I’ll be OK. Not looking to repeat last year’s misery/borderline medical emergencies.

Next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Albuquerque. Hope you’ll stop by and read my nightly updates!

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