Albuquerque Day 5: Iván Vargas is Sexy

It’s Day 2 of the Festival and while I’m a bit tired for lack of sleep, I’m feeling good about everything. I love my schedule and my feet aren’t abnormally swollen. Yay!

Or maybe I’m in a happy mood because I just saw my sweetie pie tangos teacher Iván Vargas perform.

If you kept up with my posts from last year’s festival, you might recall my flamenco crush on Rafael Campallo. This year, it’s Iván.

Hey, I’m not the only one. I’ve heard plenty of other old ladies talking about him. We can’t help it. He’s a young, cute, charming fella who can dance his ass off (and he really did bring his bad ass, aggressive man cave dance to the stage tonight). And being in his class, I can tell you he’s also a nice guy and a good teacher. That’s hot.

So yes, my teacher is a cutie but I’m really not all crazy cochina cougar. My intentions are pure: I just want to admire his cutiepieness and learn as much as I can in his workshop.

Did you like how I slipped in the above disclaimer? That’s in case you’re thinking I’m the type of girl who likes to pick up on random young guys. I really don’t. I might have a flamenco celebrity crush or two, but you know I’m a good girl. Yes, I’m talking to YOU 😉

The other highlight of the evening was the very intimate cante performance by Tomás de Perrate, accompanied only by guitarist Alfredo lagos. What a treat.

The show followed Iván’s and was such a contrast. There’s something very intimate and moving about a cante-only show, especially when it’s one singer only. It gives you the opportunity to focus on the voice, the driving force of this art, and truly appreciate it. It was a beautiful, generous performance.

Damn. Another late night. This has got to change because I’m so tired.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots from tonight. Nick & me, and Catherine and me.



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