Albuquerque Day 6: Random Festival Day 3 Tidbits

A massive, pounding headache awoke me at 3 a.m. and it was a good hour before the drugs kicked in and I could get back to sleep. So once again, I’m tired.

The worst part is my face makes it impossible to hide how I feel. Unfortunately I’m prone to dark circles and face puff. And boy did I wake up with both this morning. But did that stop me from accosting my Iván and asking for a photo? Nope.

Tonight Cyrena, Elvira, Catherine, Astra, Karan, Nick and I went for dinner at El Patio (had sopapillas with honey, of course!) before heading to Karime Amaya’s show. O…M…G.

Her footwork was incredible. The sheer strength, power and speed this woman brings is unbelievable. Seriously, she does what I call the “Thumper” move, where one foot strikes the floor repeatedly at a ridiculous speed. Wild stuff. But aside from the footwork, she’s beautiful to watch. She was joined by El Junco, who had the audience cheering during his fun, flirty alegrías. He was technically great and so, so charming.

Upon returning to the hotel, we stopped in the lobby to get some lemon water. Now, early in the day, Nick observed that the elk (or whatever it is) statue in the lobby was anatomically correct. “That thing has balls!!” he said — at which point I looked over and busted out laughing. Immature? Yes. But I couldn’t help it. We tried to take a picture but the sun was creating a glare in the window. So we made sure to try again before calling it a night:

After seeing this pic, we all started busting up — although, I think I was the worst while Catherine started laughing only because I was cracking myself up.

Ok, it’s late and I’m clearly tired. Good night.

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