Albuquerque Day 7: The Flamenco Flamingo

Tonight’s show was Israel’s Galvan’s “Edad de Oro” in which he was accompanied by singer Tomás de Perrate and guitarist Alfredo Lagos. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or how I would react; if you’ve ever seen videos of Israel performing, you’ll understand why. If you haven’t, let me explain.

He’s not your usual dancer. His style is very avant-garde; lots of odd movements, even vocalizations, and little surprises sprinkled throughout his show. I couldn’t have anticipated what he would do next. He’s a technically good and dancer, or course, but clearly his focus is on giving a unique performance.

I realize his style might not appeal to purists but I found it mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Is he dancing? Is he miming? Is he a bird? A plane? Watching Israel dance is like looking at a strange surreal painting, loving it and not understanding exactly why.

The nicest surprise came at the encore when the trio switched roles and Israel played guitar, Alfredo sang and Tomás danced. Wow! Then, for the second encore, they switched again — Israel sang, Tomás played guitar and Alfredo danced. Brilliant!

All in all, the show was genius. The encore alone made me want to go home and practice my guitar and cante. I have to do it all!

Ok, I hope y’all appreciate the updates because they’re taking away from my beauty sleep…

Photos from tonight: Nick and me with dancer El Junco, then with singer Manuel Tañe. Yay!! The last is just a cool shot Nick took of me outside Rodey Theatre.



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