Albuquerque Day 9: Headed Home

How is it already time to leave?! Noooooo!!

(Yes, I’m posting this a day late. Cut me some slack, OK? I’m still tired!)

Nick and I rolled out of bed at 6:30 a.m. after very little sleep and rushed to pack up the rest of our things, have breakfast and check out before catching the 8:30 shuttle to campus for our final workshops. I am so, so tired. And puffy.

Before Iván’s class, my classmate Emilio gave me a lovely pink rose in honor of our new friendship. Isn’t that sweet?


We didn’t learn any new choreography because Iván felt it was more important to clean up what we already had. I was happy with that. I really liked him as a teacher. Not just because he’s a cutie pie, but because he was thorough, patient and wanted us to really get it. I wasn’t sure I’d learn that much from a male teacher, but you know what? I learned a lot.

I enjoyed my palmas class, too! Joaquin is a great teacher who has a way of breaking things down. Some of you have asked if the class was basically an hourlong clap fest, but that’s not the case. It’s a music class, and I could dig on that. I took away quite a bit. Here’s a shot of Nick and me with Joaquin; he was Nick’s teacher, too.


Oh! Can’t forget about Vicente’s cante class! Great fun, just like last year. I love how his class is both informative and non-threatening. Came away with a few new letras and feel like I caught on quicker than last year. Bummed I had to miss the last class and didn’t get to say goodbye and get a picture.

As I was leaving the gym, I saw Marco Flores and I figured this was my last chance for a photo op. Got what I wanted!

Just as I was about to get on the shuttle, Israel Galvan got off. So I stopped him, told him his show was incredible, and asked for a photo. There’s a quiet sweetness about him; seems very humble.

Nick and I decided to have our final sopapillas at Little Anita’s before heading off. While we were waiting for the airport shuttle, Iván was sitting in the hotel lobby so I approached him. With my sad Spanish — for which I apologized — I told him I loved his class, I learned a lot, and thank you. He gave me a big smile and warm thanks. I gave him a hug and skipped off, pleased with myself for having the guts to do that. As Nick and I left, he smiled and waved goodbye.

The trip home was fine but by the time we got home, I was about to fall over. The rose from Emilio, which had made the trip home with me in my carry-on, pretty much looked the way I felt:

I’m home, but I’m still not finished writing about my Albuquerque adventure (and neither is Nick). More to come!

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