Show Prep Begins

We’ve been learning choreographies for our fall show for some time now, but between Albuquerque and other little summer distractions, I haven’t spent any time practicing on my own. That’s about to change.

I’m excited about this one! New venue and some different elements, so it should be interesting. I’ll be part of the tarantos, bamberas, and cantiñas with bata group numbers — such beautiful choreos! And while I am not doing a full-blown solo this time around, I will be making a mini-solo cameo in the tangos group dance. I’ve got a lot to work on!

“Awww, how come you’re not doing a solo this time?!” You people are so sweet. Thank you for always making me feel special and in demand. But I’ve had my turn several times it’s others’ time to shine, so Rina very kindly asked Doña Guajira, Homegirl and me (the O.G. soloistas) to sit this one out — she’s got so many fantastic students who are solo-ready, and so little time!! Great problem to have, right? It’s truly a testament to her teaching. Anyway, I basically told her that while I AM a big fat ham, I’m NOT a glory hog so it’s all good with me, and I know Homegirl and Doña G feel the same. It’s all about learning and having fun, people! But God bless our teacher for worrying about hurting our feelings. I wonder if other flamencas out there are as lucky.

So while I still have lots to work on, I’m a bit less stressed than I’d normally be before a show. I can spend equal time working on each group dance, and I still get to be a little creative with my cameo. I think this might be my best performance yet.

I’m feeling calm and confident. I love that!


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