Oh hey, remember me? The lady who claims to be married to the dance, yet has reduced her class & studio time and hasn’t blogged in forEVER? Yeah that’s me. I’m still here. I figured Friday the 13th was an appropriate date to appear back from the dead.

Everything is OK. Busy, but OK. There have been many days when I was occupied with and/or exhausted from work that I missed class. And maybe there have been other things (or people) on which I’ve spent some of my spare time. At one point I was up to six classes a week, but now I’m down to three. Those private rehearsals in the studio? Uhhhhhh …. (*Crickets*). In my defense, though, I’m a damn fine mental reviewer and I do get in a respectable amount of living room carpet dancing after hours. Not that this is sufficient when you’re preparing for a show. A glance at the calendar today put the fear of flamenco in my heart as I realized, “Oh crap! I need to get in some studio time!”

But I know I’ll be OK. I feel like I know the dances well (at least); I mostly just need to improve my execution of them — which, yeah, is kind of important. Fortunately for everyone I am not doing a mega solo this time so I can focus on making my best possible contribution to the group dances.

I can confidently say, however, that I’m all set in the costume department. New dress, y’all!!

I can also say with certainly that no matter where I am or where I’ve been — whether I’m in class, or YouTubing tarantos inspiration at work (on breaks, I swear!) or catching a show or playing costume closet at 1 a.m — my gypsy groove is always in the heart.

And you thought I was done & gone, didn’t you? Not even close.

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