Meanwhile, Backstage …

Show is over and it was fantastic!  I feel satisfied and relieved. I’ll write more about it after I’ve had time to reflect and recover from the week’s events, but here’s something fun in the meantime …

There’s always some level of chaos and craziness backstage; the last-minute technical details are getting worked out, wardrobe malfunctions arise, and general nervousness/hysteria fills the air. It’s all part of the fun. Here are just a few of the curious comments heard backstage at De Mi Alma Flamenca:

“Now would be a good time for a catheter.”
— a full-bladdered flamenca, too close to showtime to get out of and back into her costume/undergarments for a much-needed bio break

“Let me tie you up …”
— one dancer to another, offering to help properly fasten her dress

“I’m going to be a ho out there. A tango ho. A tang-ho.”
— a dancer in reference to her unintentionally low-cut dress

“Don’t touch yourself!”
— to me, when I kept putting my hands to my face in frustration and smearing my makeup

“After xx years of marriage, I think the booty shake qualifies as sex tonight!”
— a weary dancer in regards to a certain dance move that excites her husband, and should, therefore, be considered an adequate substitution for physical affection after an exhausting day.

“Rina’s taking a shit … leave her alone!!”
— one dancer’s sarcastic general comment in response to the constant badgering of our teacher before the show. (And no, Rina was not.)

“My ass is wide open … come on in!”
— no comment.

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