Pre-show Jitters: The Tricks & the Treats

It’s showtime again! Just wanted to post a quick note about the somewhat-scary week leading up what promises to be a sweet performance on Sunday.

That post-practice look.


First, the tricks:
– We’re rehearsing a lot this week, formally and informally, and I’m exhausted and look it. Dark under-eye circles are great when you’re going for the zombie look, but for a pretty flamenca look, not so much.

– That moment you rehearse with live music and you realize it’s not at all like what you were hearing in your own head … yeah, that’s awkward. Of course, this happens before every show: We rehearse with musicians, we freak out (some of us do, anyway), and then we get over it and are fine in performance. Crossing my fingers it’s that way this time around, too.

– That moment you’re hit with an unexpected style of letra and you freeze up with that dancer-in-the-headlights look … yeah, super awkward. A little like the above, but in this case I’m referring to a sort of por fiesta-style tangos solo. Funny, I was just telling someone last week that you can’t rely too heavily on choreography in these situations because you really have no idea what’s going to musically jump out at you at that moment; sure enough, it happened to me this week. Not complaining at all — in fact, it was a pretty good reminder of how far I have to go with improvisation skills. But long story short, the crisis has been averted, I think, and I’ll be fine in performance. Gave me one hell of a scare, though.

And now, the Treats:

– Our group dances are awesome. Props to Rina for her mad choreo skills. And the soloists (especially the first timers) are amazing! Really great lineup.

– The extra rehearsals have helped me shed a few pounds in the last week. (Oh, hey there, flat belly, great to see you again!)

– Despite the blood, sweat and tears, spending this much flamenca time with the girls is so, so fun. We work hard but we still manage to crack each other up constantly. A demented bunch, we are.

That’s all for now. Say a prayer or cast a good-luck spell for me, will you?


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