Halfway to Happy

I’m halfway through “Alegrias April” and while the month has been kind of crazy, I think my theme has helped keep me grounded. Had I latched onto solea or seguirilla or tarantos, I’d be a mess.

I’m blaming the madness on the full moon — or as my compañeras called it last night, the pinche luna. This comment came after I nearly passed out during our solea practice — everything was dark for a second and I was so dizzy!  My friends said it was probably because of the lunar eclipse. I think they were right. Read the astrology blogs and you’ll know that many people believe the position of the moon can affect the body and mind. I believe it. I sure have been off kilter lately and it seems lots of other folks have been, too.

Still, it’s hard to NOT feel lighthearted when you’re listening to alegrias. Lately I’ve been listening on my way to and from work a lot. I have to say, I feel much more connected to this rhythm than I have ever before, and I’ve managed to learn a letra in the process because it makes me want to sing. I’m feeling good.

This has been my inspiration …



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